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December Meeting Notice Minneapolis
Date: Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
Topic: Structure Support on Laterally Swept Piles

Most driven pile projects have plumbness limits from 0.25 in/ft to 0.5 in/ft to control bending stresses. For two projects, the project teams performed static load testing to evaluate performance of piles with sweep. One project, located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, used 9.625-inch diameter piles with a wall thickness of 0.395 inch and lengths ranging from about 130 to 160 feet. Measured pile sweep (lateral offset distance of the pile toe from the pile top) was between 12 and 17 inches. Static load testing indicated that the piles could support the design load with axial deflection of less than 1 inch but only provided about 80 to 90 percent of the ultimate resistance at axial deflections of about 1.9 to 1.7 inches, respectively. The other project, located in Shakopee, Minnesota, used 9.625-inch diameter pile but with a wall thickness of 0.352 inch and lengths around 50 to 90 feet. The measured sweep varied between about 20 and 63 inches for 9 of 214 piles driven at the site. Load testing indicated that these piles could provide the required design resistance with less than 0.3 inch of axial deflection and support the required ultimate resistance with about 0.5 to 0.6 inch to of axial deflection.

Location: Rose Vine Hall (downstairs at Grumpy's Bar & Grill)
2801 Snelling Ave. N., Roseville, MN (Mapquest link)
6:00 pm Networking and Social Hour, Sponsored by Braun Intertec
7:00 pm Dinner: Buffet Style $30
Hamburger or Chicken Sandwich buffet with salad and a side. Cookies and Coffee desert.
8:00 pm
Presentation — Matthew Glisson, PE

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