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Archive of Past Conferences 1990 - 1999

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Presiding Chairmen: unavailable

  • "Minnesota Road Research Project"
    David E. Newcombe
    Nelrae Succio
    Steve Lund

  • "Applications of Pressuremeter Testing"
    Jean-Louis Briau

  • "Tied Sheetpile Cofferdam for the Hydroelectric Project"
    Steven P. Larson

  • "Movement of Pollutants Through Clayey Soil"
    R. Kerry Rowe

  • "Tension Behavior of Foundations in Soil"
    Prof. Fred H. Kulhawy

  • "Modeling the relationship between soil suction and vertical ground movement in expansive soils"
    Pamela J. Sattler

  • "Soil Stabilization Using Vegetation"
    Tien H. Wu

  • "The Reliability of Clay Barriers in Contact with Liquid Organics"
    Robert M. Quigley

  • "Temporary Foundation Support for Departure Ramp at Anchorage International Airport"
    Richard W. Christensen
    Arthur H. Whitmer

  • "Marie Dam Evaluation and Repair"
    John T. Lee
    Philip B. Solseng

  • "Performance Behavior of Soil Nailing System"
    Sanchul Bang
    Y.I. Chung

  • Case Study of the Target Center Arena foundation
    Michael Heuer

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Presiding Chairmen: unavailable

  • "Measuring Lateral Pressures of Soil in-situ"
    Richard Handy

  • "Professional Update: Current Research in Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Minnesota"
    Joseph F. Labuz

  • "The Use of the Cone Penetration Test for Evaluating Capacity of Driven Piles"
    Peter Robertson

  • "Analysis of Soil-Stress Cell Interaction"
    David Van Deusen

  • "Vibration Effects of Pile Driving"
    Charles H. Dowding, P.E.

  • "Geosynthetic Reinforcement for Wall and Slope Construction"
    Barry R. Christopher, P.E.

  • "Soil and Rock Anchors"
    Donald A. Bruce

  • "Rapid Construction of a Surcharge Embankment Over Organic Soils"
    William L. Lawyer

  • "The Use of Shredded Tires as a Lightweight Subgrade on 9 Ton Road Design"
    James C. Rudd, P.E.
    Bruce Loney, P.E.

  • "Evaluation of Variation in Compaction Relative to Settlement of a Deep Fill"
    William B. Tepley
    Bruce Smith, P.E.

  • "Cedar Avenue Bridge Foundations"
    William K. Cody, P.E.

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Presiding Chairmen: Joseph Labuz and Daryl Zuelke

  • "Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering"
    G. Wayne Clough

  • "Geostatistics for Geotechnical Site Investigation"
    Randal Barnes

  • "Nondestructive Testing of Geotechnical Systems with Surface Waves"
    Kenneth H. Stoke, II

  • "Ground Improvement"
    Joseph P. Welsh

  • "Slope Stability / Braced Excavations"
    Richard Finno

  • "Geo-Environmental Issues"
    Robert Landreth

  • "Effect of In-situ Environmental Conditions on the Interface Shear Characteristics between Sand and Geomembranes"
    Sridhar R. Palakur

  • "Wellner-Hageman Flood Control Project"
    Darrell Apelgrain, P.E.
    Thomas F. Prehoda, P.E.
    Philip B. Solseng, P.E.

  • "Repair of Sinkhole on Highway 169 near Hibbing, Minnesota"
    Todd R. Campbell, P.E.
    Samuel Y. Ng, P.E.
    John Templeman

  • "Lock and Dam 10 Dewatering"
    Darrell Morey

  • "Specification, Design, and Construction of the I-94 Modular Block Wall"
    Vicki Barron
    Ryan R. Berg
    Dennis Larson

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Presiding Chairmen: Daryl Zuelke and Jeff Voyen

  • "Recent Developments in the Design of Deep Foundations"
    Clyde N. Baker, Jr. (Kersten Lecture)

  • "The Forest City Landslide"
    Roy E. Hunt

  • "The Design and Construction of Rafferty Dam on the Massive Prairie Clay Foundation"
    Igor Holubec

  • "MNROAD Update"
    David Newcomb

  • "Freeze-Thaw, Shrink-Swell, and Other Effects on Landfill Covers"
    Moir D. Haug

  • "Stability Analysis of Multiple Composite Slopes"
    John Boschuk, Jr.

  • "Evaluation of Geotechnical Variability in the Cone Penetration Test"
    Bjorn Birgisson

  • "Compression Anchors"
    Donald E. Bobbitt

  • "A New Approach to Temporary Retaining Walls"
    Alan Ringen
    Patricia Cole
    Lowell E. Wenzell

  • "The Evolution of Geotechnical Design Philosophies in Lake Agassiz Soils"
    Mark S. Meyers

  • "Raising a Tailings Dam the was Constructed above Unstable Soils"
    Ron Shaffer
    Stephen Gale

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Presiding Chairmen: Jeff Voyen and David Rydeen

  • "Observations on the Collapse of Granular Materials"
    Norbert R. Morgenstern (Kersten Lecture)

  • "Static and Dynamic Testing of Piles"
    Bengt H. Fellenius

  • "Grouting for Urban Construction"
    Wallace H. Baker

  • "Plastic Insulation in Earthworks"
    David S. Greeley

  • "Dewatering Problems Encountered in the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway Cut"
    Otto D.L. Strack

  • "Electrical Strengthening of Clays by Dielectrophoresis"
    Julie O. Shang

  • "Case History - The Great Flood of 1993"
    Paul D. Madison

  • "Application of the Borehole Shear Test"
    Lisa M. Lee

  • "Rockfall Field Testing and Mitigation at Silver Cliff, Near Two Harbors, Minnesota"
    D. Lee Peterson
    Charles Howe

  • "Use of Rigid Insulation Below Grade for Roadways and Parking Areas"
    Thomas G. Krzewinski
    Jay D. Bergman

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Presiding Chairmen: David Rydeen and Ron Farmer

  • "Methods of Analysis for Slopes in Soil"
    James Michael Duncan, Ph.D., P.E.

  • "Geotechnical Legacies of Glacial Lake Agassiz"
    Andrew Baracos, Ph.D., P.E.

  • "Effects of Foundation Stiffness on the Development and Deterioration of Cracks in Jointed Concrete Pavement"
    Mark B. Snyder, Ph.D.

  • "Embankment Instrumentation"
    Christopher P. Groves, P.E.

  • "Deformation of Compacted Clay Fills"
    Iraj Noorany, Ph.D., P.E.

  • "Field-Scale Hydrologic Performance of Earthen Landfill Final Covers"
    Craig H. Benson, Ph.D.

  • "Field Demonstration of Thermal Pre-compression of Peat"
    James L. Hanson

  • "Design and Construction of a Geocell/Geogrid Reinforced Retaining System"
    Blake E. Nelson, P.E.

  • "MnDOT's Soils Information Processing System (SIPS): Automating Soil Collection, Data Processing and Plotting"
    Michael J Rief, P.E.

  • "Impact of Old Tunnel Systems on Foundations Systems for New Construction in St. Paul, Minnesota"
    Jeffrey P. Klein, P.E.

  • "Nelson Lake Dam Slope Analysis and Repair"
    Kevin L. Mann
    Craig Bleth

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Presiding Chairmen: Ron Farmer and Gregory Reuter

  • "The Practical Use of Geotechnical Instrumentation: Some Problems and Solutions"
    John Dunnicliff

  • "Stabilizing and Re-leveling Heavy Structures By Means of Compaction Grouting"
    Sam Bandimere

  • "The State of the Practice of the Vibro Techniques for Ground Improvement in North America"
    Joseph P. Welsh

  • "Frost Action, Pavements, and Load Restrictions"
    Orlando B. Andersland

  • "Karst Topography and Sinkholes: Engineering Implications"
    E. Calvin Alexander, Jr.

  • "Remote Monitoring of Piezometers with Automation"
    Brian K. Johnson

  • "Investigation of Blasting and Construction Vibration Claims - Case History of the Funk Residence"
    Lawrence W. Gubbe

  • "Compression and Uplift Static Capacity of Driven H-Pile"
    William K. Cody
    Neil T. Schwanz

  • "Environmental Cleanup of 100-Year Old Coal Gasification Plant, Rochester, Minnesota"
    James C. Rudd

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Presiding Chairmen: Gregory Reuter and Gary Person

  • "Aging of Soils"
    Gholamreza Mesri

  • "Rational Approaches to the Evaluation of Socket Resistance in Drilled Shafts in Intermediate Geomaterials"
    Michael W. O'Neill

  • "Rock Engineering in the Twin Cities"
    Charles R. Nelson

  • "Geo-Institute: A Progress Report"
    Michael O'Neill

  • "Panel Presentation on Design of Drilled Piers"
    Lowell Wenzel, P.E. - Wenzel Engineering
    Michael O'Neill, P.E. - University of Houston
    Don Schulze - Layne Minnesota Company
    Bob Ingvalson - Kirkman Foundation Company
    Jim Melcher - Tri-State Drilling, Inc.

  • "Investigation and Potential Application of Segmental Compression Anchors"
    Wei Zhang

  • "Geotechnical Investigation into Settlement of Multiplate Long-Span Metal Culvert"
    S. Bang
    T.V. Schaefer
    V. Bump

  • "Design and Construction of the Foundations for a World Class Roller Coaster: The Wild Thing"
    B. Birgisson, J. Fox, J. Lin

  • "Analysis and Design of Flexible Retaining Structures by Elastic Methods"
    Lawrence Gubbe, Jeffrey Carlson

  • "SPT Energy Measurements with the PDA"
    Rich Lamb

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Presiding Chairmen: Gary Person and Bruce Thorson

  • "Geo-Engineering for Power in the Northland"
    Dr. Ralph B. Peck

  • "Heave Predictions in Expansive Soils"
    John D. Nelson

  • "Case Histories of Foundations on Sand and Clay"
    Charles Riggs

  • "The Stockwood Fill: a Failing Grade in Northern Pacific Construction Engineering"
    Donald P. Schwert

  • "Experiences During Flooding on the Red River of the North"
    Darrell W. Morey, P.E.

  • "Long-Term Settlement of Shredded Tire Fills"
    Thor Heimdahl

  • "Specifying and Bidding Segmental Concrete Faced MSE Walls on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District Projects"
    Mark Meyers, P.E., Ph.D.
    Neil Schwanz, P.E.
    Ryan Berg, P.E.

  • "Anchor Testing in St. Peter Sandstone"
    Mark Meyers, P.E., Ph.D.
    Brent Nelson, P.E.

  • "Use of Alternative Backfill for Integral Abutment Bridge End Treatment"
    Steve Soupir

  • "MnDOT's New Base Compaction Specification Based on the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer"
    John Siekmeier, P.E.
    Tom Burnham, P.E.
    David Beberg

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Presiding Chairmen: Bruce Thorson and Don Schulz

  • "Lessons Learned from Failures Associated with Geosynthetics"
    Dr. J.P. Giroud, P.E.

  • "Retrospection of Limit Analysis"
    Dr. Andrew Drescher

  • "Finite Element Slope Stability Analysis"
    Dr. Ethan Dawson

  • "Characterization of Geomaterials by Enhanced In-Situ Testing"
    Dr. Paul Mayne, P.E.

  • "Improvement of Soft Organic Ground for Construction"
    Dr. Tuncer Edil, P.E.

  • "Validation of p-y Curves from Pressuremeter Tests at Pascagoula Mississippi"
    J. Brian Anderson

  • "Performance of Pile Foundations Subjected to Downdrag"
    Alan Wagner, P.E.
    Van Komurka, P.E.

  • "Construction of Bridge 02037 T.H. 10 over University Avenue on Temporary Earthfill Embankment"
    Dr. Lawrence Gubbe, P.E.
    James Hill, P.E.

  • "Ground Improvement Works in Very Soft Cohesive Soils at the Shah Alam Expressway in Malaysia"
    Dr. Masud Alam, P.E.
    Paul Ha

  • "Soil Nailing for the WHEDA Office Building in Madison, Wisconsin"
    E. Bahner, P.E.
    J. Sirvinskis

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