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Archive of Past Conferences 1980 - 1989

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Presiding Chairmen: William Kwasny and Warren Hanson

  • "Stability of Slopes"
    G.A. Leonards

  • "Expansive Soils and Over-consolidated Clays"
    R.M. Hardy

  • "Professional Liability for Geotechnical Engineers"
    Scott A. McKown

  • "The Evaluation and Measurement of the Density of Cohesionless Soils Using the SPT"
    Wesley G. Holtz

  • "Practical Dewatering Techniques and How to Choose from Among Them"
    Patrick Powers

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Presiding Chairmen: Warren Hanson, J.S. Braun and George Cochran

  • "Geotechnical Knowns and Unknowns and Related Attitudes"
    Elio D'Appolonia

  • "Probabilistic Approaches to Soil Mechanics"
    M.E. Harr

  • "Investigation of Pile Foundations for an Existing Ore Dock"
    Paul Schwarz

  • "How a Soils Engineer Can Reduce His Liability on a Project"
    Philip Bruner

  • "High Bearing Pressure Caissons in Soil - Loring Municipal Ramp in Minneapolis"
    William M. Weyrauch

  • "Platteville Formation Characteristics and Removal Criteria - A Case History of the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency Hotel Caissons"
    Louis P. Matis

  • "Field Investigation Techniques and Results, Installation and Performance Testing of Soil and Rock Anchors Along Minnesota Part of NSP Twin Cities-Winnipeg 500 kV Transmission Interconnection"
    Gerald V. Chezik

  • "Techniques in Pressure Meter Testing and its Application for High Soil Loadings"
    John E. Anderson

  • "Pressure Meter Testing to Evaluate Uncompacted Fill Industrial Building Project - Minneapolis"
    Robert E. Pendergast

  • "Case History of Compression of Organic Materials"
    John Dickson

  • "A Test Section on Compressible Landfill Materials at the Metropolitan Waste Control Commission Metro Plant in St. Paul"
    Donovan Stormoe

  • "Compressing Organic Soils on the 160-foot High Hibbing Taconite Company Tailings Dam"
    Warren W. Hanson
    Philip B. Solseng
    Arden Swanson

  • "Construction of a Composite Dike on a Swamp"
    Samuel Y. Ng

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Presiding Chairmen: George Cochran, John Anderson and Larry Feldstein

  • "Soil Improvement - State of the Art"
    James Mitchell

  • "Geotextiles in Geotechnical Engineering"
    Robert Holtz

  • "Geotechnical Aspects of Site Selection for Hazardous Waste Disposal"
    Memos Katsoulis

  • "Design and Construction of Fabric Reinforced Embankments"
    Jack Fowler

  • "Acceleration Techniques for Muskeg Stabilization"
    Samuel Ng

  • "Use of Geotextiles in County Road Construction"
    Wayne Fingalson

  • "Geotextiles and Rock in Bank Stabilization"
    William Weidenbacher

  • "Chemical and Physical Modification of Clay Used in Liner Construction"
    Warrin Hanson

  • "Use of Preloading for Construction on Peat"
    Tuncer Edil

  • "Use of Stone Columns for Landslide Stabilization"
    Vernon Bump

  • "Use of Horizontal Drains for Slope Stabilization"
    Robert Cartford

  • "Spread Footings on Compacted Sand"
    Robert Pendergast

  • "Foundation Stabilization at Milton R. Young Station Center"
    Camden McConnell

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Presiding Chairmen: Douglas Spaulding and Michael O'Donnell

  • "Impact of Testing Errors on Engineering Design"
    Roy E. Olson

  • "Prediction of Ground Movements in Swelling Clays"
    Delwyn Fredlund

  • "Blackstrap Lake Ice Cover Parking Lot"
    William Meneley

  • "Foundation Design of Silos on Clay Soils"
    Michael Bozozuk

  • "Design for Lateral Earth Pressures: Fact of Fiction?"
    Glen Ferguson

  • "Building on Marginal Soils"
    Robert Pendergast

  • "Pavement Deformation Caused by Unusual Behavior of Peats"
    Samuel Ng
    Gordon Eischens

  • "Tunneling in the St. Peter Sandstone: The Minneapolis Experience"
    Leonard Krumm

  • "Hydrogeologic Evaluation at Six Selected Waste Management facilities in Minnesota"
    R. Blomquist
    T. Clark
    R. Johnston
    H. Pfannkuch
    B. Sielaff

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Presiding Chairman: -unavailable

  • "Performance of Embankment Dams"
    Stanley D. Wilson (Kersten Lecture)

  • "Earth-Retention Systems -- Temporary and Permanent"
    Thomas C. Anderson

  • "Chemical Exchange Rates Between Water and Soil"
    James C. Clarke

  • "Groundwater Hydraulics - Potential Problems for Piezometer Placement"
    Kelton D. Barr

  • "Hazardous Waste Site Clean-up: The Real World"
    Larry L. Johnson

  • "Repeated Load Testing of Soils and Granular Materials"
    Marshall R. Thompson

  • "Pavement Construction Over Marsh Deposits"
    Glenn R. Korfhage

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Presiding Chairman: Mervyn Mindess and Donovan Stormoe

  • "Design and Construction of Reinforced Embankments on Weak Foundations"
    Victor Milligan (Kersten Lecture)

  • "Foundation Engineering on Expansive Soils"
    John D. Nelson

  • "Bridge Construction with Spread Footings"
    Douglas Gifford

  • "Slurry Trench Cut-Off Walls"
    Robert T. Coneybeer

  • "Soil Solidification"
    Robert P. Schafer

  • "Evaluation of Seasonal Variation in Resilient Modulus of Granular Soil Affecting Pavement Performance"
    Thaddeus C. Johnson

  • "Negative Skin Friction on Driven Piles"
    Louis P. Matis

  • "The 800 MW NSP Sherco 3 Project"

  • "Dynamic Compaction"
    Christian Guyot

  • "Pressure Injected Grout"
    Steve Jaques

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Presiding Chairmen: Mervyn Mindess, George Cochran and Larry Feldsein

  • "Slope Stability Analysis: Applications in Plastic Clays"
    James Graham (Kersten Lecture)

  • "Geotechnical Considerations in Design and Construction of Lock and Dam 26, Mississippi River"
    Bruce H. Moore

  • "Soil Improvement by Dynamic Compaction"
    Robert G. Lukas

  • "Computation of Vibration Levels in Underground Space"
    I.G. Vardoulakis
    R.L. Sterling
    K.L. Leung
    B. Dasgupta
    D.E. Beskos

  • "Biaxial Compression Apparatus"
    A Drescher
    I.G. Vardoulakis

  • "Design and Construction of a Steep Reinforced Embankment: A Case History"
    James C. Rudd

  • "Fractured Bedrock Abutments: Investigation and Evaluation of the South Zumbro Watershed Structure WR-6A, Olmsted County, Minnesota"
    Wendell L. Scheib

  • "Slope Stability Experience on the Great Lakes Coastline"
    Tuncer Edil

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Presiding Chairman: Philip Solseng

  • "CPT/DMT QC of Ground Modification at a Power Plant"
    John H. Schmertmann

  • "Prediction of Roadway Strength from Soil Properties"
    David C. Esch

  • "Insulation Performance Beneath Roads and Airfields in Alaska"
    David C. Esch

  • "The Climatic-Materials-Structural (CMS) Pavement Model"
    Barry J. Dempsey

  • "Characterization of the Saturated/Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties of Potash Tailings"
    Daniel K.H.Wong

  • "Risk Management of toxic Chemicals in California Groundwater: A 1987 Assessment"
    David B. Cohen

  • "Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Landfill Design"
    Robert H. Isenberg

  • "Effect of Landfill Leacheate on the Permeability of Clay Soils"
    Douglas A. Wierman

  • "Frozen Wall for Groundwater Control"
    Douglas W. Barr

  • "Frost Heave: A Case History"
    Ross D. Miller

  • "Dump Point Stability"
    Robert DeGroot

  • "Soo Line Railroad Embankment Stabilization Program, Shoreview, Minnesota"
    Robert P. Sands
    Magery S. Vittal

  • "Evaluation of Pressure in a Confined Artesian Aquifer with Piezometers"
    Wendell L. Scheib
    Benjamin C. Doerge

  • "Pavement and Test Track Performance for 100-ton-axle-load Vehicle"
    James C. Rudd

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Presiding Chairmen: -unavailable

  • "Stability Evaluation During Staged Construction"
    Charles C. Ladd (Kersten Lecture)

  • "The Seismic Piezocone Penetration Test: A Practical Site Investigation Tool"
    R.G. (Dick) Campanella

  • "Design of Mined-Space Developments in the Twin Cities"
    Charles R. Nelson
    D. Lee Petersen
    Brent K. Nelson

  • "Experiences in the Development of Mined Underground Space in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area"
    R.L. Sterling
    Charles Fairhurst
    J.C. Carmody

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Presiding Chairman: -unavailable

  • "Modern Procedures for the Design of Driven Pile Foundations"
    G.C. Goble

  • "Slurry Trench Cutoff Design and Construction for Floodwater Retarding Structure WR-6A, South Zumbro Watershed, Olmsted County, Minnesota"
    Benjamin C. Doerge

  • "St. Paul Downtown Airport - Embankment Design and Construction: Runway 14-32 and Building Area"
    R.D. Holtz

  • "Tension Behaviors of Foundations in Soil: An Overview"
    Fred H. Kulhawy

  • "Tied Sheetpile Cofferdam for the St. Cloud Hydroelectric Project"
    Steven P. Larson

  • "Movements of Pollutants through Clayey Soil"
    R. Kerry Rowe

  • "A Case History of a Large Earth Embankment Failure Over Muskeg, Stabilized by Carefully Staged Construction, Lightweight Fill and Vertical Wick Drains"
    William K. Cody

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