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Archive of Past Conferences 1970 - 1979

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Presiding Chairmen: Lyle Pederson and Mervyn Mindess

  • "Special Techniques for Soil Investigation"
    John H. Schmertmann

  • "Methods of Dewatering Excavations"
    Richard W. Loughney

  • "Groundwater Control on an Urban Interstate Highway Project"
    Eugene A. Hickok

  • "Rock Anchors for the Midwest Federal Parking Ramp"
    Roger Bethel

  • "Earth Anchor Tie-Back Installations"
    Paul Andersen

  • "Freeze Wall Installation: I-94 Bottleneck Tunnel"
    Edward Archibald

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Presiding Chairmen: Mervyn Mindess and L.D. Dempsey

  • "Lateral Loading Tests on Cast-in-Place Caissons in Decorah Shale"
    Leonard G. Olson

  • "Piling Selection, Design, Installation and Testing for the Interstate Highway Construction in the Hawthorne, Parade Ground Area of Minneapolis"
    Carmin DeVito

  • "Failure in Foundations"
    Jacob Feld

  • "Movements in Compacted Earth Fill: Calculations and Measurements"
    J.M. Duncan

  • "Southwest Suburban Sanitary District Crossing Across the Minnesota River Valley: Design and Construction"
    Bob Robertson
    W.R. Robinson

  • "Typical Sheeting and Bracing for Excavation"
    Jacob Feld

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Presiding Chairmen: L.D. Dempsey and Ronald Makredes

  • "Concrete and Slurry Walls using Slurry Trench Construction"
    George Tamaro

  • "Safety in Trench Construction"
    Jack L. Mickle

  • "Application of Soil Strain Measurement to Engineering Problems"
    Ernest T. Selig

  • "Caisson Design and Construction Problems"
    Jorg Osterberg

  • "Case History - Settlement and Bearing Capacity Analysis of a Grain Elevator Founded on Lake Agassiz Clay"
    Mervyn Mindess

  • "Stretching Penetration Test Data to Predict Settlement"
    Bruce Thorson

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Presiding Chairmen: Ronald Makredes and Warren Lindeke

  • "Uses and Improved Design Techniques for Insulated Pavements"
    Armand Maki

  • "Minnesota Case Histories"
    Wallace Dreveskracht
    E.L. Pehrson

  • "Sanitary Landfills"
    Dr. Murray McComas

  • "Foundation Design for the St. Cloud Dam"
    Douglas Barr

  • "Structural Solution to a Long Term Earth Slide at Bald Hill Dam"
    Douglas A. Spaulding

  • "Foundation Analysis and Recommendations for the Northtown Shopping Center"
    Kennth LaFond

  • "Foundation Piling for the Radisson South Hotel"
    Robert Pendergast

  • "Experiences with Differential Settlement of Masonry Buildings in the Twin City Area"
    Donald R. Monahan

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Presiding Chairmen: Jerry Masters and Lyle Pederson

  • "Reinforced Earth - Theory and Design (Illustrated Case Histories)"
    Dr. Victor Ellis

  • "Drilled Piers - Theory and Design"
    Lyman Reese

  • "Frost Penetration Principles"
    Miles Kersten

  • "Case History - Design and Construction of Burnsville Ice Arena"
    Bruce Thorson

  • "Foundation Testing Techniques with Case Histories"

    • "Vane Shear"
      Mike Larson

    • "Pressure Meters"
      Brian Krogseng

    • "Screw-Plate"
      Cameron Kruse

    • "Cone Penetration"
      Donovan Stormoe

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Presiding Chairmen: Warren Lindeke and J.S. Braun

  • "Foundation Design for Vibratory Load Conditions"
    R.E. Richart, Jr.

  • "Cautious Blasting"
    J. Malinowski

  • "Mine Refuse Piles and the Buffalo Creek Disaster"
    Stuart B. Long

  • "Construction of Embankment on Muskeg"
    G.P. Raymond

  • "Roadway Embankment Over Peat-Ridgedale Shopping Center - A Case History"
    Richard D. Stehly

  • "Monitored Surcharge-An Alternative Approach to Embankments Over Organic Soils - Olinger Boulevard in Edina"
    Stephen L. Tuttle

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Presiding Chairmen: Jack Braun and Roger Hertzberg

  • "Pile Load Capacity"
    M.T. Davisson

  • "A Case History of Pile Design-Dairyland Power Co-op Unit 6, Alma, Wisconsin"
    Kenneth LaFond

  • "Use of Interpile on the Casota Street Project in Minneapolis"
    William R. LeCorgne

  • "Precast Concrete Piling"
    Owen Beatty

  • "Augered Cast-in-Place piling on Waste Water Treatment Plant, Louisville, Kentucky"
    Bruce Lamberton

  • "Founcation Problems in England- Slide Presentation"
    Lyle Pederson

  • "Dewatering of Excavations Dug into Confined Aquifers"
    Otto Strack

  • "Hydrology and Dewatering on the Milwaukee Sewer Tunnel"
    Carl Nezman

  • "Dewatering Project: Interceptor Sewer Tunnel for the City of Quincy, Illinois"
    Jack DesLauriers

  • "Dewatering Problems at Northwest Paper Plant-Brainard: Alternatives and Results"
    Thomas Smith

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Presiding Chairmen: Roger Hertzberg and Miles Kersten

  • "Current Design of Pre-cast and Pre-stressed Concrete Piles in North America and Europe"
    Bengt H. Fellenius

  • "Pile Foundation for a Water Tower - Amery, Wisconsin: A Case History"
    Steven Koenes

  • "Standard Decision Making Process in Soil and Foundation Engineering"
    John P. Gnaedinger

  • "Minnesota Department of Transportation: Structure, Objectives, Function"
    Richard P. Braun

  • "Recent Findings in Research on Glacial Deposits"
    Rudolph K. Hogberg

  • "Design, Construction, and Practical Engineering Considerations of Wastewater Stabilization Pond Liners"
    James A. Skaret

  • "Soil Percolation Tests"
    Gerald M. Sunde

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Presiding Chairmen: Miles Kersten and Robert Pendergast

  • "Effects of Soil Variability on Pavement Design"
    Eldon J. Yoder

  • "Erosion Control Practices on Construction Projects"
    Lawrence E. Foote

  • "Chemical Compaction Aids for Fine-Grained Soils"
    J.M. Hoover

  • "Moscow-Tokyo-Stockholm - International Conferences of the Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering"
    Lyle Pederson

  • "Design and Safety of Small Earth Dams"
    Jack C. Jones

  • "Soil Improvement by Dynamic Compaction"
    Walter P. Murphy

  • "Tunnel Design for the St. Peter Sandstone"
    Charles R. Nelson

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Presiding Chairmen: Robert Pendergast and William Kwasny

  • "Geotechnical Lessons from Earth Dam Failures"
    George Sowers

  • "Inspection of Earth-Fill Dams"
    William A. Wahler

  • "Evaluation of Shear Strength of Soils: The Tokyo Report"
    Charles C. Ladd

  • "Fundamentals of Frost Action"
    Carl R. Crawford

  • "Frost Heave Correction on Primary Runway 15/33, Mankato, Minnesota Airport"
    James Craig

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