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Archive of Past Conferences 1960 - 1969

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Presiding Chairmen: Donald E. Johnson and Richard P. Braun

  • "Soil Conditions Requiring Piling"
    Robert F. Wittman

  • "A Summary of Pile Types and Applications"
    Arthur Dienhart

  • "Design (Structural Determination)"
    James B. Thompson

  • "Specifications"
    James D. Parsons

  • "Inspections"
    Walter Nitardy

  • "Case Histories"
    Lowell H. Benson
    John R. Borgman
    George W. Heller

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Presiding Chairmen: Arthur V. Dienhart and Wilbert F. Arksey

  • "Lyndale Avenue Fill Problem"
    Richard P. Braun

  • "Vertical Sand Drains for Lake Vadnais Project (Film)"
    Narrated by: C.K. Preus

  • "Compaction Specifications for Building Construction"
    Norman Henning

  • "Compaction Specifications for Highway Construction"
    Wallace W. Dreveskracht

  • "Foundation Construction at St. Anthony Falls"
    Henry J. Cermak

  • "Landslide Causes and Corrections"
    Stanley D. Wilson

  • "Sub-Soil Problems at Sumner Field Housing Project"
    A.C. Godward
    Donald Jacobson

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Presiding Chairmen: Richard P. Braun and Charles W. Britzius

  • "Structural Design of Underground Conduits"
    Merlin G. Spangler

  • "Presentation of Practical Case Histories"

    • "Highway Engineer"....Paul Diethelm

    • "Consulting Engineer"....Robert Rosene

    • "Municipal Engineer"....John Freden

    • "Private Contractor"....Eugene Hurley

  • New Developments in Soil Testing Equipment"
    Theodore W. Van Zelst
  • Acker Rotary Equipment (Narrated Film)"
    H.B. Hayden, Jr.
  • Density Testing by Nuclear Methods"
    Paul I. Bessert
  • Seismic Testing Applied to Highway and Engineering Problems"
    Eugene Hickok

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Presiding Chairmen: Wilbert F. Arksey and John S. Braun

  • "Fundamental Properties of Soils"
    William G. Murphy

  • "Initiating the Soil Investigation and Analyzing It For Use in Design. Case History of the Tyrone Guthrie Theater"
    John E. Meyer

  • "Foundation Design on Soft Shales"
    D.K. Knight

  • "Studies of Foundations in Shale"
    E.L. Gardner

  • "Fundamentals of Soil Stabilization"
    Eldon J. Yoder

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Presiding Chairmen: Charles W. Britzius and John S. Braun

  • "Soil Mechanics in Highway and Airfield Engineering"
    Miles S. Kersten

  • "AASHTO Road Test and Its Application to Other Areas"
    James F. Shook

  • "Design and Construction of Storm Sewer Tunnels in Minneapolis"
    William A. Ostrem
    Kermit McRae

  • "Construction Control of Subgrades and Bases as Done by:"

    • "Minnesota Department of Highways"....William Crawford

    • "Municipalities"....Robert Toddie

    • "Private Engineering Practice"....Arvid Olson

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Presiding Chairmen: Charles W. Britzius and Miles S. Kersten

  • "Excavation Failures and Excavation Bracing"
    George F. Sowers

  • "Glacial and Engineering Geology of the Twin City Area"
    John E. Stone

  • "A Geological Engineering Analysis of Rock failure in Two Engineering Projects"
    Donald H. Yardley

  • "Soils Problems on the Moon"
    Rodney W. Johnson

  • "The Calhoun Towers Caisson Water Control:"

    • "Engineering Aspects"....Gilbert B. Bauer

    • "Construction Problems"....Robert L. Ohman

  • The Riverview Industrial Park Project:"
    • Engineering Aspects"....Arnold M. Steffes
    • Construction Problems"....Robert R. Melcher

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Presiding Chairmen: Roger Hertzberg and John F. Robertson

  • "Michigan Pile Test"
    Gerard O. Kerkoff

  • "Foundation Problems on Duluth Interstate System Related to Pile Construction"
    Gay D. Jones

  • "Soil Compaction by Vibro-Flotation"
    W.A. Flynn

  • "Design Considerations in Dike and Levee Construction"
    Kenneth E. Jensen

  • "Design of Earth Dam, Eau Galle River, Spring Valley, Wisconsin"
    Roger G. Fast

  • "Flood Plain Planning"
    Col. Leslie B. Harding

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Presiding Chairmen: John F. Robertson and Wilbert F. Arksey

  • "Geology"
    Paul K. Sims

  • "Rock Mechanics"
    Charles Fairhurst

  • "Soil Mechanics"
    Lyle Pederson

  • "Engineering Problems in Peat"
    Ivan C. MacFarlane

  • "Local Case Histories of Construction on Compacted Fill"
    Abe J. Sperling
    Lowell Benson

  • "The Behavior of Compacted Fills"
    E. D'Appolonia

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Presiding Chairmen: Roger Hertzberg and Roger G. Fast

  • "Friction Piles and Prediction of Length and Bearing Capacity"
    Gregory P. Tschebotarioff

  • "Factors Influecing the Selection of Type of Foundation for High-rise Housing in Minneapolis"
    Donald Jacobson

  • "The New ASTM Engineering Soil Classification System"
    Miles S. Kersten

  • "Foundation Settlement Prediction and Case Histories"
    Jorg Osterberg

  • "ASCE Manual Number 45 on the Professional Practice of Foundation Engineering"
    Charles W. Britzius

  • "The Foundation Study for the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant"
    George D. Leal

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Presiding Chairmen: Lyle Pederson and C.K. Preus

  • "Recent Advances in Technology of Earth Retaining Structures"
    Stanley D. Wilson

  • "Retaining Wall on I-94 at Franklin Avenue"

    • "Design Considerations"
      E. Douglas Schwantes, Jr.
      Raymond A. Adolfson

    • "Construction"
      Charles A. Siggerud

  • Elements of Soil Compaction of Importance in the Construction of Fills for Building Foundations"
    Gerald A. Leonards
  • The Effects of Compaction on Engineering Properties of Cohesive Soils"
    L.D. Dempsey
  • Nuclear Determination of Density and Moisture Content:"
    • Minnesota Highway Department Study"
      William N. Yoerg
    • Applications by Local Soil Testing Agencies"
      Donald W. Larsen
      Cameron Kruse

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