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Archive of Past Conferences 1953 - 1959

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Presiding Chairmen: C.W. Britzius and H.M. Hill

  • "Basic Soil Properties and Classification"
    Miles S. Kersten

  • "Collection and Use of Soils Data in Design and Construction of Highways"
    C.K. Preus

  • "Soils Conditions of Minnesota"
    H.E. Wright, Jr.

  • "Stability of Embankments"
    Rockwell Smith

  • "Subsurface Soil Exploration and Sampling for Foundations"
    C.W. Britzius

  • "The Use of Soil Mechanics in the Design of Building Foundations"
    Dr. Ralph B. Peck

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Presiding Chairmen: M.S. Kersten and W.L. Hindermannn

  • "Special Problems in Pile Foundations"
    Albert E. Cummings

  • "The Use of Geological and Soils Reports and Maps for Engineering Purposes"
    George M. Schwartz

  • "Geological Reports and Maps"
    Paul R. McMiller

  • "Soils Reports and Maps"
    William E. Housel

  • "Design of Spread Footings on Clay Soils, Stability of Slopes"
    Panel Discussion

  • "Experiences in Open Pit Mines"
    Melvin C. Tero

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Presiding Chairmen: C.W. Britzius and C.K. Preus

  • "Soil Identification and Properties which Influence Bearing Capacity"
    M.G. Spangler

  • "Job History, Pile Foundation Design, Ochsner Hospital, New Orleans"
    E.L. Gardner

  • "Job History of a drilled-in-place caisson building Foundation"
    J.E. Meyer

  • "Recent Developments in the Design of Anchored Sheet Piling Walls"
    Paul Andersen

  • "Some Principles of Fill Construction"
    A.W. Johnson

  • "Levee Construction Problems at Grand Forks, North Dakota"
    W.D. Darling

  • "Embankment Construction for the Black Dog Steam Plant"
    A.V. Dienhart

  • "Comparison of Three Railroad Construction Projects: Evaluating the Benefits Received from Soil Engineering"
    Rockwell Smith

  • "Experiences With Railroad Embankments"
    J. Grant Waits

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Presiding Chairmen: W.L. Hindermann and W.D. Darling

  • "Fundamentals of Frost Action in Soil"
    Miles S. Kersten

  • "Problems of Design on Perma-frost"
    Kenneth A. Linell

  • "Frost Problems as Related to Design and construction of:"

    • "Building"....A.L. Schroeder

    • "Highways"....F.C. Frederickson

    • "Airfield Facilities"....Henry Sikso

    • "Railroads"....D.H. Shoemaker

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Presiding Chairmen: W.D. Darling and J.E. Meyer

  • "Evaluation and Use of California Bearing Ratio Testing Procedure"
    Charles Foster

  • "The Use of Vertical Sand Drains for Consolidating Soft foundation Soils"
    S.E. Wiley

  • "Foundation Piling"
    Edward E. White

  • "Engineering Considerations for Grain Elevator Foundations:"

    • "Use of Soil Borings in the Design of Elevator Foundations"....Charles W. Britzius

    • "Structural Design of Elevators"....George L. Levin

    • "Protection of Investment"....John G. Poehling

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Presiding Chairmen: C.W. Britzius and W.D. Darling

  • "Fundamentals of Soil Compaction"
    S.T. Thorfinnson

  • "Soil Compaction of Foundations for Structures and Roadways"
    A.O. Williamson

  • "Compaction of Trench Backfills"
    Walter P. Schmitz

  • "Analysis of Slides"
    Miles S. Kersten

  • "Dewatering"
    John C. Raleigh

  • "Chemical Solidification"
    Martin Riedel

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Presiding Chairmen: Wilfred D. Darling and Arthur V. Dienhart

  • "Fundamentals of Soil Exploration and Testing"
    Donald E. Johnson

  • "Correlations of Soil Test Data to Design"

    • "Relating to Structures"....E.L. Gardner

    • "Relating to Highways and Airfields"....Richard P. Braun

  • Bearing Capacity of Structures on Compacted Soils"
    Ralph B. Peck
  • Principles of Dewatering Foundations and Effect of Ground Water Level Variations on Structures"
    Adolph F. Meyer
  • ilm: "Soil Explorations"
    Courtesy of Corps of Engineers

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